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Organize your library at home and become your own Librarian.
Automatic book data & cover art. Just enter ISBNs or scan barcodes.'s leading lady Sytske Hermans and her collectionHome Library Cataloging Software

  • Do you consider your book shelves unknown territory?
  • Are your books organized on spine color, on size or from A to Z?
  • You're absolutely sure you don't already own that book?

If you're like me, you can look at your book shelves and may think you know exactly which books you own. You may even think you can memorize your books per author and know that a series is complete.
But upon really checking your bookcases, you will find that you own duplicates. And the series you thought is complete, lacks two volumes. Or even worse, you just knew you had that specific good read and lent it to your friend. But has she returned it or not?
This applies even more to huge home collections, with hundreds or thousands of books divided over several rooms.

Avoid buying the same book twice or a potential quarrel between friends.
Start organizing your home library with Book Collector today.

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Add books to your home library database with ease Barcode Scanners

Don't think that it takes a lot of work to add your books to our home library software. It doesn't.
Just type or scan the ISBN or author and download all book details from the book database. The information will include Title, Author, Publisher, Publication Date, Number of Pages and, when available, the cover image. You can do this for one book at a time or multiple books in one go using the Queue mode.

Book Collector supports ISBN barcodes

After downloading the book details to your database, you can add personal details. For example if you have read the book, rate it and even include the exact location on your book shelves!
You can add physical books, for most book collectors still the real deal, but also digital e-books, audiobooks and Kindle editions.
Of course you can also add the genre, category and subject to the book details so you can group, sort and find a specific book if you need to check a fact or just want to read it (again).

Need a barcode scanner?
Then check out our CLZ Barry scanner app for iOS and Android.

  • Scan barcodes using the built-in camera of your phone or tablet.
  • Instantly transmit scanned barcodes to your desktop computer (Windows or Mac).
  • Or: scan barcodes while offline, then send them all to your PC or Mac in one go.

CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) for US $7.99.
For more information : check out the CLZ Barry website.

Mobile barcode reader app

Why catalog your home library?

An organized home library gives you:
  • instant information on the number of books you own
  • direct access to books by author, subject, genre or category
  • the exact location of each and every book
  • up to date wish lists and books on order
  • perfect insurance lists with total value of your books

Manage your book collection and never worry about your books anymore. Just enjoy your time reading them, because you have them all neatly organized into your home library software.
There is no limit to the software, you can add thousands of books and still get a complete overview of your collection. Why not give Book Collector a try today?

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CLZ Books mobile app : Check your book library while on the road

Available for iPhone / iPod touch, iPad and Android for US $0.00

  • Use CLZ Books to check your library and wish list on your mobile device
    Just export the data and images from the Windows or Mac edition (Standard or Pro)
  • Browse your books with full data and images
    No need to be online, all data is stored on your device for fast browsing
  • Currently available for iPhone / iPod touch, iPad and Android
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CLZ Books for iPhone, iPad and Android

Book Collector Connect : Share your home library database online

Subscription: US $30.00 per year

  • Publish your book database online on servers
    Access your book inventory from any online computer or mobile device.
  • Share your book collection list with friends and family
    Just email them the link to your public collection on the Connect website.
  • Connect is a fully stand-alone book organizer tool
    Connect is a cool add-on to the Book Collector Pro desktop edition, but it can also be used on its own, as a super-easy online book cataloging tool.
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Book Collector Connect  Book Collector Connect

Try Book Collector Free

Download your free trial edition.
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Current versions:

Windows for Windows:
15.3.5 (Aug 13, 2015)

Mac OS X for Mac OS X:
15.3.4 (Aug 13, 2015) Customers
about Book Collector :

Without Book Collector, I’d be in a real pickle.

"I just downloaded the latest version of Book Collector, and was tickled to see the little gear sitting next to the Alphabet Bar. I clicked on it, and voila…I now have a choice of filtering by title or author.
Thanks so much for adding this, and making it easy to configure.
Once again, your work makes my life a whole lot easier.
My library continues to grow. Without Book Collector, I’d be in a real pickle."
Dave Novick

Collectorz program

"I told a French friend who was the prior of a monastery in France about your Collectorz program. He downloaded it and with it was able to find a book that even the French National Library in Paris did not have, so he used the program for his monastery library work and admitted that it sped up his work very much."
Pachomius Vu

Brilliant software

"Thank you so much. This is brilliant software. I added my entire book library last night, and the loan feature is perfect.
No more losing track of who has borrowed books."
Billy Woods

Very friendly

"Thank you for creating the library software - very friendly and cheap!! "
Joy Pang

Served us so well

"We use this for a small community library. The program has served us so well for over 4 years. Our community loves it and it makes it so easy for us to keep track of the books that are borrowed and returned."
Roxane Bethour

Excellent service

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for your most timely and helpful reply to my dilemma regarding splitting my library into 3 sections. I can't tell you how much I value your excellent service and going above and beyond 'The call of duty'."
Thomas Bennett

Completed my library

"So happy to have "completed" my library after many many months of work! Count: 3655!!! Now I can FIND things, and all my books are so much better organized. I'm just cleaning up now, trying to complete records and add editors and translators to the proper field, if I can figure that out! Just now playing with how to sort the columns so I can have a printed copy of the essentials by location. Thank you for helping me with what felt like an overwhelming project!"
Ann Hearn Tobolowsky

A dream come true

"Sending greetings and gratitude to you from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Your creation is a dream come true for me! I have thousands of books to get cataloged and organized. I have been wanting to do this for years and you have made it so simple for me.
Thanks again for this incredible product! I hope this turns out to be as great as I think it is so I can create my dream library."
Karen Lipscomb

I love Barry!!

"I use Book Collector for a small private school library. I recently used Barry for the first time to enter a box of new books we got from a book fair. Oh my goodness, it was WONDERFUL - so easy and quick!!
I love Barry!!"
Martha Gaal

A real improvement on many levels

"I am also taking the opportunity to congratulate you all for the great product that Book Collector is. The new version is a real improvement on many levels.
I love the easy and comprehensive way I can manage my rapidly growing library of over 2,200 books. Without it I wonder how I could manage to have any control.
Keep up the good work."
Patrick Gossweiler

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